On September 2, 2014 it was announced by ISIS that they had beheaded a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff. Where is the outrage? Where is the American government’s outrage? Where is the media’s outrage? Where is the American people’s outrage? I am outraged…are you? The fact is ISIS has declared war against America. Did you know that there are at least another 20 journalists who have disappeared in the last few years? They are not just from America, but from other countries as well. Will it take the beheading of all of them before the world reacts?

I am not beating an American war drum.  The American populace is war weary. Yet, remember World War II ended in May of 1945 and the Korean War began a scant 5 years later, in June of 1950. There have been times when America has had no choice.  Ignoring the ISIS and Russian threats is at our collective, world peril. America and the rest of the world watched as Hitler gobbled up European country after country. Now we watch as Russia gobbles up the country of Ukraine and ISIS gobbles up the countries of Iraq and Syria. Remember the old adage that those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it.

Our southern border is porous. Witness the influx of over 60,000 minors from Central America in recent months. Don’t you think a dozen terrorists could successfully enter this country? ISIS has pledged to bring its war to American soil. Will it take another 9-11 with massive destruction and loss of life to wake us up and cause an American reaction? Must we wait until it’s in our “backyard?” Short of all out war, why isn’t America arming the Kurds and others ready and willing to take on ISIS in their “backyards?” Why isn’t America bombing the hell out of ISIS in Iraq and more importantly, Syria?

ISIS, in recently discovered documents, is researching the construction of and deployment of a Bubonic Plague bomb. Here is the link: 



Don’t you think ISIS may have realized that all it takes is sending people infected with Ebola or countless other deadly diseases to Western Europe and America? Those people become ISIS’ walking time bombs. It’s not that farfetched any more. I am worried and so should you be.

Mr. President, the world is too dangerous to lead from behind. It is too dangerous to embrace a policy of appeasement that merely emboldens the enemy. It is too dangerous to build coalitions that look good on paper but signify nothing in terms of action. Mr. President, your personal aversion to another war is understood but respected by fewer and fewer Americans every day as they become aware of ISIS’ intentions. Mr. President, please lead.

© Joyce Clark, 2014


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