Sammy Chavira campaign signs were spotted today. They look like they are the same signs he used in his 2012 campaign. The slogan on his signs, “The right priorities” has proven to be ironic and totally meaningless. People are chuckling and saying, “Really?”

Let’s take a look at Sammy’s priorities during his first term:

  • His priority is to take lavish trips at taxpayers’ expense such as seeing the Pope on a large screen TV in Washington, D.C.
  • My priority is to publicize all of my taxpayer funded councilmember expenses on internet for all to see.
  • His priority is to ignore the law by failing to appear in court for a speeding ticket that resulted in his driver’s license suspension and eventual payment of fines when the media started to question him. He called it “a minor glitch.”
  • My priority is to advance the completion of Heroes Park.
  • His priority is to be largely invisible while serving as a councilmember by missing a dozen council meetings and holding only one district meeting during his term.
  • My priority is to restore regular district meetings and to be accessible in person, by phone, email and social media.
  • His priority while on council is, “I’ll be a voice for accountability and tight spending controls” except when it comes to burying his trip expenses in a mass of lost credit card receipts. His accountability has been non-existent.
  • My priority is to improve services for Glendale’s residents while keeping city government lean and mean.
  • His priority is to “fight to fully fund Head Start, promote education tax credit programs and make city-provided after-school programs more academically focused.” Unfortunately he didn’t tell voters that a Glendale councilmember has no control over local school board decisions regarding curricula, policies and funding.
  • My priority is to work toward a permanent west library branch.
  • His priority is, “no more sweetheart deals.” Yet he flip-flopped on the Coyotes management contract and approved a $15 million dollar a year “sweetheart deal.”
  • My priority is to attract new businesses and jobs while working to assist existent businesses.
  • His priority is as a double-dipper receiving $35,000 a year as a Glendale councilmember while also pulling close to an estimated six figure salary as a Phoenix firefighter yet he can’t seem to do his job as a councilmember.
  • My priority is to serve everyone by doing my “homework” on issues that come before council, attending all council meetings and helping citizens to solve problems.

All of his priorities reflect facts from the Arizona Republic, the Glendale Star, minutes of city council meetings and direct quotes from his 2012 political mailings.

There were those who counseled Sammy not to run this cycle but it appears that Sammy thinks Yucca district voters are too stupid to understand and appreciate his many misguided “priorities.”

Chavira has done nothing and contributed even less to council deliberations on major issues. Now the Arizona Republic in an Op-Ed piece has called for his censure for his extravagant trips paid by Glendale taxpayers. They did not go far enough. Chavira should reimburse the city. He can certainly afford to do so with his two jobs earning him a six figure salary.

He appears to have flown under the radar taking care of his friends and major campaign contributors. We know that he has repeatedly ignored the residents of Yucca by canceling scheduled meetings, failing to return their phone calls and failing to connect with Yucca residents through regular district meetings.

I decided to run at the urging of many and because Chavira, quite simply, has not fulfilled his responsibilities and obligations in service to his constituents. Add to that his blatant abuse of taxpayer dollars.

It’s time for Chavira to retire as a one term councilmember and for him to refocus on his job as a Phoenix firefighter. He’s done enough damage.Vote for Joyce

© Joyce Clark, 2016


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