It has been 17 years and 323 days since the city’s pledge to build the West Branch Library.

Ed Beasley is no longer the Interim City Manager of Ferguson, M0 as of today, November 20, 2015. Here is the link: . He spent 5 months on the job. The city has hired De’Carlon Seewood whose last employment with Ferguson was as Assistant City Manager from 2001-2007.

Does anyone believe that Andre Anderson, appointed as Ferguson’s Police Chief, would stay after his mentor and good friend, Beasley, left? That would be no. Here is the link: . Anderson is also headed back to Glendale to resume his position as Commander. By the way, the City of Glendale never answered the question regarding Anderson’s pay. To this day, the public does not know if Glendale subsidized his pay while he worked in Ferguson.

FROM THE RUMOR MILL THIS FRIDAY: No one has done more to aggregate power to himself lately than Brent Stoddard. Stoddard is the Director of Intergovernmental Relations in the Glendale organization. One of his duties is to manage the city council offices. Lately he has hired some new people to staff the councilmembers. It’s safe to assume that their loyalty will be to Stoddard and no one else. Stoddard was rooting for John Pombier of Mesa to get the job of city manager. Stoddard already had a working relationship with Pombier and would have continued to lobby for an appointment as an assistant city manager. Several people have also shared that Stoddard speaks on a regular basis with former Mayor Scruggs and it is he who shares all things Glendale with her. Others speculate that Stoddard is already in the Mark Burdick camp in his quest to become the next mayor of Glendale.

Government service rests on successful politicking and politics is nothing if not wonderfully Machiavellian.

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