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Every vote really does count. I remember one Ocotillo district city council race that was won by 9 votes. Over the years we’ve all read

Bryce Alexander

stories about very small margins of votes that led to victories often ending up in recount actions.

The saga of Permanent Early Voting (PEV) habits is very interesting. Over the years people who study this kind of stuff have reported that there are 3 groups of PEV. About a third of PEV will fill out their ballots and mail them back immediately. Another third will procrastinate and wait a week or maybe two, then fill out the ballot and mail it. The last third never fills out the ballot or mails it back in.

Another strictly Glendale phenomenon is that numbers of voters are consistently very low. The voter turnout is about 7% to 16% of the total number of registered voters in this city. There are roughly 122,000 registered voters in Glendale. Usually about 20,000 people give or take, vote. In the 2016 election 26,000 people voted citywide and 3,000 voted in the Yucca district. Those who do vote wield tremendous power within the city for you determine the direction Glendale will take for all those that don’t bother to vote. 16% determine policy for 84% in Glendale.

The margin of victory in local races is often small. I cited an Ocotillo race above where the margin was 9 votes. In the last mayoral race the margin was 400+ votes. In the Yucca race it was 40+ votes.

Your vote does count!

I wanted to share information about me that has been seen in various formats during this campaign.



In 2012, the city was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy. Due to a series of council decisions, sometimes painful, the goal of restoring its Contingency Fund (Rainy Day Fund) to a healthy balance of Fifty Million Dollars will be achieved this fiscal year. My decisions, made in conjunction with the rest of the city council, have caused the city’s bond ratings to improve year over year. Standard & Poor’s rating is now AA – with a stable outlook. Fitch Ratings is its highest at AAA, with a stable outlook. These ratings are independent and prove that Glendale’s finances are being well managed.

Many cities are concerned about how the virus epidemic will affect their sales tax revenues and some are already slashing their budgets by reducing services to their citizens. Glendale, due to the explosion of growth in the Yucca district will receive millions in construction sales taxes that will ensure that Glendale’s budget remains strong and balanced without the need to raise taxes or cut services.


Cities compete to attract and retain businesses within their communities. With city council approval I instituted a Council Business Subcommittee whose goal is to make Glendale the most attractive Valley city for businesses by eliminating regulations and modifying others. The work of the committee has already had an impact by recommending to city council the elimination of some proposed regulations within the International Building Codes. Those recommendations were adopted by a unanimous city council. The committee will be reviewing the city’s rewrite of its codes with the goal of making sure that the new codes assist businesses, not hurt them. The committee has as its members, three councilmembers and six stakeholders within the business community.


An ongoing issue for the residents of the Yucca District (West Glendale) is the completion of Heroes Park. It has been in the city’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) since 1998, for over 20 years. Other city council priorities and a national recession are some of the reasons for its delay. I consider this to be the highest priority for the Yucca district. I was successful in getting Phase I of the west branch library completed and opened in the spring of 2017. I have secured funding for the design and construction of Heroes Park Lake this coming year. My goal has been and continues to be to see the completion of Heroes Park…long overdue.


As the city expands westward, beyond 115th Avenue, responsible development that pays for itself is my priority. Most Glendale residents, in fact an estimated 70% of our workforce, travels out of Glendale every day to work. The area west of 115th Avenue must be an area of job creation. I am especially focused on the Loop 303, now known as the “New Frontier.” At least 15 developments of commercial/industrial/manufacturing are in the planning stages or under construction. As the city moves forward with its planning development for that area I am working to ensure that it remains an area of office, manufacturing, distribution and commercial development so that more Glendale residents can work inside their own community.


It is important that a city be livable. One of the factors that determines a city’s livability is the amenities its offers to its residents. After years of lack of funding, at Joyce’s request and with council’s unanimous approval, ten million dollars for each of the next four fiscal years, will be added to the Parks and Recreation budget to refocus on the repair and maintenance of existing parks and recreational facilities.

While amenities such as these are important, so is another concept, that of equity funding for all parts of Glendale. By that I mean that rather than sharing the piece in equal pieces, the pie is split into smaller pieces and larger pieces distributed on the basis of need. It is no secret that south and portions of west Glendale have been neglected. My goal is to bring a spotlight to those areas so that they receive the attention they deserve after so many years of neglect.


Glendale has always prided itself on excellent customer service but in years past due to revenue shortfalls some aspects of that service have diminished. A city-wide recommitment to delivering outstanding service in under way. I support this goal and support the greater use of technology and innovation to achieve it. Part of that solution will occur as a result of the Council Code Review Committee composed of citizens and councilmembers. I serve on this newly created committee and I am eager to work with Glendale’s residents to improve the Code Department’s service delivery.

I believe the only endorsements that really mean anything are the ones that come from real people, you. Here are some collected over time. Note that they are not just Yucca district residents:

Mark Daily, Yucca district resident

“You’ve made a very positive difference during your time on city council and I know you will continue to do so.
Thank you for your dedication and service!”

Linda Mey, Glendale resident

“Proud of all things you accomplished. I Trust your abilities and your motives to do the right thing.”

Bob Stratton Yucca district resident

“Outstanding news Joyce that you will continue to represent us in the Yucca district. A huge thanks as we all realize this is a big commitment and a lot of work on your behalf. Count me in for support!”

Tom Traw, Yucca district resident

“Joyce, Thank you for willing to continue serving our district and completing Heroes park. Thank you for using common sense for the benefit of the people. We need you desperately on the council.”

Connie Keiser, Glendale resident

 “You are an important part of the “checks and balances” our Council needs in order to watch out for the taxpayers. You have done a great job and have always done your homework on issues.”

Jarvi Brown Harty, Glendale resident

 “You are a great advocate for the people of Glendale. Thank you for your past service and your announcement that you will continue to serve!”

Paul Alexander USAF SMSgt (Ret), Yucca District resident

“You have my vote, you have represented me for most of the 20 years I have lived in the Yucca district. You served as Vice Mayor and fought to get Heroes Park back on track. Secured funding for the Library. You are a voice for how Westgate Entertainment District needed three things; shopping, dining and venues. You acknowledged the short fall in taxes during the housing market crash in 2008. You are our voice and you make yourself accessible to your constituents…”

I believe my comment below best sums up what we all want and why I ask for your vote.

“As your Yucca district councilmember my goal has been to be your voice. We all want the same things – secure employment, safe and secure neighborhoods, great educational and recreational opportunities, and excellent service from our city. 

These are the priorities I work on every day for you. During my years of service to you I have proven my leadership and commitment. 

It would be my honor to continue to serve you.”

The election is on August 4th. Permanent Early Ballots are in the mail. This election, just as all elections is so important. Your vote does count and I ask that it count for me. Thank you.

© Joyce Clark, 2020         


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