It has been 17 years and 240 days since the city’s pledge to build the West Branch Library.

Darren Goforth, a 10 year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office was executed last night while pumping gas at a suburban Houston gas station.

Courtesy Harris County Sheriff's Office

Courtesy Harris County Sheriff’s Office

Goforth was shot once in the back and fell to the ground. The killer then walked over to Goforth and fired shot after shot into his body. The killer fled in a red pickup truck. Harris County deputies are currently interviewing “a person of interest.” Goforth is survived by his wife and two children. Our deepest condolences go to his family, friends and brothers and sisters of law enforcement.

The stark reality of this killing should be enough to make everyone angry. Where is the outrage? As the Harris County prosecutor said in a recent press conference, “It’s time for the silent majority to act.” This murder, for that’s what it is, strikes at the very heart of law enforcement. There are a few bad actors in any profession but the vast majority of police officers are good, decent people who have a true and unabiding commitment to protect each and every one of us. This killing was no more than an unfathomable and senseless act.

When a police officer shoots a black, justly or unjustly, black America erupts into protest, rage and violence. Fact: approximately 100 blacks are killed by law enforcement in a year. Yet 5,600 black men, women and children, yes children, are killed by blacks every year. Black on black crime is rampant. Where is the outrage? There is none…just an overwhelming silence.

In the past 6 months a war on law enforcement has emerged. There are many reasons. The obvious one is individual acts of revenge on police officers fueled by the hatred and racism spewed by Black Lives Matter. This group has created a verbal pass embraced by many blacks as a rationale to attack and kill law enforcement officers.

A more serious reason is lack of respect for authority of any kind. It has become pervasive in America and is destroying moral and social order. We see it everywhere. When a child disobeys its parents and there are no immediate consequences. When a student beats a teacher and there are no immediate consequences. When people drift away from their faith and abandon its principles and there are no immediate consequences. When a person shoplifts or steals and there are no immediate consequences. When people traffic in or use drugs and there are no immediate consequences. When a person of power and prominence commits an unlawful act and there are no immediate consequences.

There may be no immediate consequences but there are long term consequences that create the destruction of values in our society. We, the vast silent majority, have to turn things around. We, the vast silent majority, have to take back our country. We, the vast silent majority, have to do more than pay lip service to our problems. We, the vast silent majority, must care. In the meantime, law enforcement…watch your backs for you are the targets.

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