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Ocotillo district Jamie Aldama: Aldama started this quarter with a balance of $13,863.63. He received contributions of $23,005.

Contributions of $25 to $50Timothy Jurell, $25; Martin Quezada, $25 (cumulative total of $75); Ray Martinez, $30; Frank Hernandez, $25 (cumulative total of $75)

Contributions of $100 to $250Jeff Keim, $100; Arthur Othon, $100; Dan Saban, $200; Carl Dietzman, $100; Mark Werber, $200; Jack Lundsford, $100; Donna Staude, $200; Bruce Heatwole, $100; Jessica Koory, $100; Jose Hernandez, $100; Luis De La Cruz, $200 (cumulative total of $700)

Contribution of $300 to $500Benjamin Graff, $400; Payan Hossini-Raouf, $500; Donnie Morales, $300

Contributions over $1,000: William Meyer, $6,350; Mark Meyer, $6,350

Political Action Committee (PAC) Contributions: Peoria Police Officers Association, $500; Tempe Officers Association, $1,000; Mesa Police Association, $1,000; UFCW Local 99, $2,500; Avondale Professional Firefighters, $2,500-


Aldama had usual and customary expenses for printing, web hosting, food and bank fees. His notable expenses includes $1,998.30 to the Glendale Star for an ad; another $1,270 to Stone Strategic Management, his consulting firm; another $600 to his campaign manager, Chuck Foy, of Negotiation Dynamics; and $1,552.52 to Christy Fritz for graphic design of his walking literature, thank you cards, signs and a mailing piece. The total of his expenses was $20,423.64 leaving him a balance of $27,397.89.

Ocotillo district Emmanuel Allen:

Allen started this quarter with a balance of $914.37. He received contributions of $21,614.92.

Contribution of $50Shelby Frederick, $50

Contributions of $100: John McCombs, $100; Shirley Brown, $100, David Mitchell, $100

Contributions of $500: Lam Q Bui, $500; Van Son Bui, $500

Contributions over $1,000: Michelle McClain, $1,000; Mark Meyer, $6,350; Ryan Wells, $6,350; Ben Meyer, $6,350

In Kind Contributions: Constatin Querard, $600 for consulting


His expenses to date total $2,199.98. His expenses were typical for any campaign:  printing and a campaign worker. He ends his 2nd quarter reporting period with $19, 929.89.

Aldama has $27,397.89 and Allen has $19, 929.89 plus whatever contributions each get between July 1, 2018 and August 11, 2018. The next campaign financial report will be the August Pre-Election Report due to the city clerk between August 12th and August 18th, 2018.

Here is what so interesting about the current district races. In 2014, the last election for these districts, here is the total of votes cast by district:

  • Cholla district 9,190
  • Barrel district 6,220
  • Ocotillo district 2,435

The voter activity in the Ocotillo district is the lowest of all six council districts with a total in the last election cycle of 2,435 votes. Yet in this cycle Aldama has already spent $20,423.64. That equals $8.39 per voter. Astounding…but more about that in an upcoming blog. On the other hand, Allen has spent a total of $2,199.98 or 90 cents per voter.

Just in terms of contrast in the Barrel district which had a total of 6,220 voters in 2014 (3 times the number than that of the Ocotillo district) Turner has spent to date $766.51 or 12 cents per voter and Strahl has spent $2, 256,71 or 36 cents per vote.

In 2016, my last election cycle, the Yucca district had a total of 3,151 voters. I spent approximately $15,000 or $4.76 per voter. Chavira spent approximately $45,000 or $14.28 per voter.

Keep in mind the upcoming financial reports will reflect even more money collected and spent. I think it’s fair to look at the candidates’ election performance and to judge how wise their decisions have been regarding how they spend their campaign funds.

Does raising and spending a lot of money make for the better candidate? I think not.

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