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I have to commend the City Clerk. The deadline for filing the 2nd quarter reports was July 15th. By July 17th all campaign reports were posted and are available online from the website. The directions to get to the campaign finance reports were included in a previous blog.

Barrel district Bart Turner: Turner started this quarter with a balance of $1,892.53. He received contributions of $5,865.00.

Contributions of $25 to $50:

Ray Martinez, $40; Reginald Martinez, $50; Davita Solter, $25; Maria Brunner, $50; Wayne Parrish, $50; Cathy Mondino, $50; Andrew Thackray,$50 (cumulative total of $100)

Contributions of $100 to $250:

Tom Cole, $200; Ed Bull, $250; Chris Eastburn, $200; Nancy Adamson, $250; Richard Coffinger, $200; David Chang, $250; Ian Hugh, $100; Judith Atkins, $100; Yvonne Knaack, $150; Bruce Heatwole, $100 (cumulative total of $250); Nancy Lennox, $100; Jessica Koory, $100 (cumulative total of $400); David Schwartz, $200; Jane Short, $100; Dennis Burke, $100; David Lively, $100; Ben Butler, $100; Jamara Harris, $250; Julie Rees, $100; Lynda Vescio, $100

Contribution of $2,000:

Tohono O’odham

Political Action Committee (PAC) Contributions:

Pinnacle West, $500


Turner’s expenses were usual and customary for printing, web hosting and a fund raising event. The total of his expenses was $766.51 leaving him a balance of $6,991.02.

Barrel district Ray Strahl:

Mr. Strahl’s first report is the 2nd quarter report of 2018 since he formed his campaign committee a month or so ago. He collected $8,600 in campaign donations.

Contribution of $150:

Nicholas Simonetta, $150

Contributions of $1,000 or more:

Mark Myer, $6,350; Ronald McClure, $1,000; Kevin Dang, $1,000


His expenses were typical for any campaign:  a little over $2,000 in food for volunteers, petition canvassers and domain name and website hosting. He ends his 2nd quarter reporting period with $6,343.29.

Now it gets interesting. Turner has $6,991.02 and Strahl has $6,343.29 plus whatever contributions each gets between July 1, 2018 and August 11, 2018. The next campaign financial report will be the August Pre-Election Report due to the city clerk between August 12th and August 18th, 2018.

For every candidate it becomes a question of decision making in terms of logistics and planning when using the cash balance on hand plus any new contributions most effectively. Primary Early Ballots are mailed out during the first week of August. How much will each candidate decide to use to influence early voters and how much will he hold back for poll voters on August 28th? Statistics prove that early voters are more prevalent than poll voters but there’s a caveat. About one third of all early voters will get their ballots and return them immediately. Another third will hold onto their ballots for about 7 to 10 days before making a decision and mailing the ballot in. The last third will either end up not voting at all or will turn in their early ballot at the polls.

The major expense for candidates to date has been getting signs printed and out on the streets. Political mailings now become critical to raise a candidate’s visibility with the electorate. Mailers are pricey. Most candidates have lists of those who have consistently voted and will target that demographic. The major cost is always the postage. It can easily cost from $2,500 to $4,500 to send out one mailing which includes the cost for design, production, printing and mailing.

However, the most effective way to reach the voters is the old-fashioned way, using shoe leather. Candidates who go door-to-door are likely to win. I can’t count the number of times people have been impressed to actually meet the candidate at their door step.

My next blog will take a look at the 2nd quarter reports for Aldama and Allen.

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