newsIt is truly sad when a local newspaper such as the Glendale Star will report ridiculous stories simply to “gin” up its readership and that is exactly what they have done. In an “exclusive” article by Darrell Jackson, updated on June 25, 2013 entitled Proposal gives city option to purchase the Coyotes it is reported there is a company that had reached out to and would work with the city to buy the Coyotes ala the Greenbay Packers. Here is the link but please consider not going there. Reading this inane article will just warm the cockles of the editor’s heart and perhaps encourage more of this!

greed 1It is a travesty of journalistic reporting when if one had taken the time to fact check one can read the NHL By-Laws to find out that it is not possible. Add to that an NHL statement from a few years back, when the idea first surfaced and quickly died, that categorically denied the viability of that strategy.

We know the Glendale Star is trying to compete with the big boys but this reporting ranks right up there with their expectation of finding a pot of gold in City Hall as a by-product of the $500,000 city audit.

While there may have been an email proposing such a scheme it would have been rejected by the staff immediately knowing the NHL’s position on the issue. That’s why the mayor has said he has not seen such a proposal. Bringing it forward would have been a waste of time and resources.

Readers would like, although they often do not get, reporting that is fair, accurate, unbiased and based upon the facts not fantasy designed to titillate its readership.