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I am blocked from Lupe’s Facebook page. Gee, I wonder why? Is she that petty? It really doesn’t matter because my readers send me what she has posted. If her objective was to keep me from seeing her posts it hasn’t worked very well. Here are some of the latest FB posts that I have received from my readers.

This one is from Audrey Hickman’s FB page for Lupe (she is supporting Lupe). “She (Lupe) needs $20,000 to pay for her advertising materials and website expenses.” This post is very remarkable. It is two months before early ballots are mailed on July 3rd.  Candidates by this time have already raised money for signs and mailers. Signs are already being printed and will be put up in middle May, less than two weeks from now. Mailers are being designed and readied for mailing. Soon we will be bombarded with candidate mailers in May and June.

It seems that Lupe has not raised the money she needs to mount a campaign. We will know how she’s doing when the next campaign Financial Reports are due on May 11th, a week from now. Let’s hope that her next Financial Report is accurate. The last two have not been so.

Her seemingly lackadaisical attitude as well as her lack of financial accuracy in her reports as a candidate should not surprise anyone. After all, even though she filed a campaign committee a full year ago she didn’t bother to collect signatures until the very last month. As a result, she barely had over the minimum number of signatures required. I believe that she did not have the required number of valid registered voter signatures to qualify. I did not contest her petition signatures and her opponent Dianna Guzman chose not to contest because she is confident that she can beat Lupe in a head-to-head match.

If she cannot be accurate about reporting her financial activities as a candidate, will she be attuned enough to detail to report her councilmember expenses accurately? Will she pay enough attention to the city’s annual budget?

Then Adam Rolnick posted this on FB for Lupe. “Free auto insurance quotes if you’re elected!” Lupe responded with a ‘like’ and “100%.” She owns an insurance agency.

Or this observation, “Lupe is bribing constituents that if they vote for her they will get free auto insurance quotes.  Wow.”

I don’t believe this constitutes bribery because you, I or anyone can call an insurance agent and get a free quote. However, it can become a slippery slope if something of value is offered to obtain a favorable vote. She owns the Pink Door Tea Room. What if Lupe offers a free meal from the Pink Door Tea Room if you vote for her? She owns Goodie’s Glass. What if she offers you a discount on a vehicle glass replacement for your vote? She owns a real estate company. What if she offers a discount on the sale of your house in return for your vote? Then she will be on a very slippery slope indeed.

Lupe Encinas’ attitude and enthusiasm as a candidate for my Yucca council district seat has been lacking since she announced. That is troublesome on so many levels. Does she really want to be a councilmember? Will this be her attitude should she obtain office? Responding at the last minute? Whether it’s a constituent request or councilmember preparedness, this kind of service as a councilmember will not serve Yucca residents or all of Glendale well. Her attitude is not what Yucca district residents want or expect in terms of service.

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